Something something Autechre…

Out on the 28th of November: Touched 2 – a massive compilation of electronic music by what one could describe as the greatest talents of all time. Touched 2 features the likes of Orbital, Autechre, Future Sound of London – FSOL, Plaid, Machinedrum, Richard Devine, Ulrich Schnauss, Brothomstates, Luke Vibert, Hecq, 808 State and many .. many (more…)

Looking at things: NAMM 2014 day 1, Elektron, Moog, Roland, Dave Smith…

You probably didn’t expect this, but I actually have a day job, and it takes me around the world to attend all sorts of music technology related events, like in this case NAMM. I love NAMM. It feels more like a party than a music convention. I love LA and the people here are so friendly. They like to talk to you about whatever and in general are just very nice.

Try to say hello to a stranger in Finland and they will most probably either punch you in the face or call the police. (more…)

New and improved v3 online!
Now with more things and stuff

Welcome friend, it has been a while.

Almost a year later, is back in service! I had a few beers on new year’s eve 2012 and after thinking about it for about 13.6 seconds, I decided to take down a few days later in January 2013. Updating the old website became quite a chore because the website had no content management tools whatsoever. This basically meant that every time I needed to post something, I practically had to rewrite parts of the source code. Later I just didn’t bother anymore and my website became quite a mess. (more…)


Remixing Midimode’s Saturn

Midimode’s ‘Spaceability’ will be available on December 3, 2013. Hitting every note one desires from an IDM oriented album, ‘Spaceability’ balances nostalgia & futurism perfectly.
At times teetering more on the edge of acidic breakbeat, fans of Plaid or Orbital should pleasantly be pleased. (more…)