New and improved v3 online!
Now with more things and stuff

Welcome friend, it has been a while.

Almost a year later, is back in service! I had a few beers on new year’s eve 2012 and after thinking about it for about 13.6 seconds, I decided to take down a few days later in January 2013. Updating the old website became quite a chore because the website had no content management tools whatsoever. This basically meant that every time I needed to post something, I practically had to rewrite parts of the source code. Later I just didn’t bother anymore and my website became quite a mess.

With some help from a friend, I got this website running on WordPress with customized barebones theme. It took me couple of months to wrap my head around this, since I am not fluent in LESS at all. Graphically this is quite minimal compared to the previous design, but managing the website is now as it should be; piss easy. While there is still some work to be done with functionality, ironing out few bugs and general graphical improvements, at least this thing is now alive.

So what’s the point?

You have a profile on facebook, that should suffice, right?

While nobody probably visits any websites apart from facebook anymore, I still wanted to have a place to collect all my works and things, that would be separate from all the social media. This website is basically intended for the person interested in music and music technology, and it is a perfect place for me to keep everything in one tidy package.

The development of the website will continue gradually and there is a lot of great things planned for 2014!

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