bad loop • Luo 2005

By admin, October 7, 2013


Label: One
Format: MP3 [ONE018]
Year: 2005

01 Nio
02 Eri Valeire
03 Kauniit Ihmiset
04 Mmin
05 3B Or T
06 Kannas Nsp

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This flourishing shuffled step and melodic craftsman from Finland proves his commitment to taking his style to new heights and quality with Luo. An achievement inviting you to quietly listen and enjoy a comfortable and catchy groove with its adventurous instrumental adornment, thoughtful melodies, spiraling synths, playful/pragmatic percussion, and bouncing bass. bad loop’s intent to create a solidly cohesive listen from begining to end has paid off.
– One Netlabel

Delicious in a way the ’80s could never be. (5 out of 5 stars)
– Igloo Magazine

There’s a starry-eyed sense of wonder to Luo‘s songs, one that feels more appropriate for long drives
through the countryside, with the top down and myriads of stars high overhead,
than spending hours in a packed, smoke and strobe-filled club.
– Opuszine

Luo is excellently produced, often inviting you to move, then again to dream in the coldness of Finland.
In bad loop’s music there is somebody who is confessing his love of melody without a trace of shame.
– Beat Magazine

Maybe you could describe Bad Loop’s style of music as “kick drum idm”
as he layers complex percussion hits with a very fat kick drum while
fusing with playful melodies and pads that remind you of the older days of electronic releases.
– Gratis Vibes